Established since 2008, Green Remediation Ltd has built up its reputation on repeat business and strong business relationships operating across a broad range of sectors. As Principle Contractor we have the knowledge and knowhow to offer extensive specialist demolition services and the implementation of ground and water remediation solutions for land restoration including multi-million pound projects.

From asbestos removal and demolition to soil and groundwater remediation, 3D modelling and material volumetric calculations, we can deliver complete brownfield and ground engineering solutions which provide significant benefits across integrated cost, programme and health & safety management, with only one interface to manage and procure.

As a consequence of our strong technical background we can also offer advice and help on how remedial solutions can be designed to not only address environmental issues but also how they can address construction abnormals associated with brownfield sites such as earthworks balances, foundation solutions, highways construction and gas mitigation measures, which ultimately can offer the client significant savings on their final build costs. Combining this with our practical experience we work closely with construction teams to ensure works are programmed to deliver optimum time savings.

Forming an integral part of our Brownfield solutions service, GRL specialises in providing a competitive, safe, efficient and environmentally sensitive dismantling and demolition service for domestic, commercial and industrial sites. These works are designed to ensure the safe removal of hazardous materials and maximise the recycling and reuse of materials.
As part of our service, we can carefully co-ordinate our demolition activities to work hand in hand with remediation works and subsequent development activities ultimately leading to program and cost savings. Whatever your needs, GRL will be happy to offer practical and safe advice on how we can optimise your development proposals.

If you would like specialist advice or for Green Remediation to tender for your works, please call 0161 775 5393 or email